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The Rad Studio 2007 has a tool to generation of reports in ?

12/15/2008 6:45:58 PM
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On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 10:45:58 -0800, Felicio Bastos wrote:

> The Rad Studio 2007 has a tool to generation of reports in ?

What sort of reports? Most web sites just generate their reports as
web pages using the standard data controls.

Marc Rohloff [TeamB]
marc -at- marc rohloff -dot- com
12/15/2008 7:05:22 PM
I need to print a list of several pages and pages of loss of control. 

Thank you for responding. 

Excuse my English
12/15/2008 7:22:14 PM
> The Rad Studio 2007 has a tool to generation of reports in

ReportBuilder Server Edition can be used to do generate web based reports. 
RB Server Edition is a native Win32 VCL product. We have an example of 
building a COM object that contains the RB WebTier component and calling the 
COM object from ASP.NET.

Here is a link to a live demo running our web server

Product information

rbWiki article: How To..Deploy to ASP.NET

Nard Moseley
Digital Metaphors
12/15/2008 7:25:40 PM
On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 11:22:14 -0800, Felicio Bastos wrote:

> I need to print a list of several pages and pages of loss of control. 
Could you rephrase that.

> Excuse my English
Seria mais facil em portugues?

Marc Rohloff [TeamB]
marc -at- marc rohloff -dot- com
12/16/2008 7:54:15 AM
Dear Felicio Bastos!

FastReport 4.* VCL Enterprise Edition - for Delphi (native Delphi code)
FastReport .Net Win forms + Web forms - for Delphi Prism (native .Net code)

See on partner DVD with the both of the products.

You are welcome.

PS: Good time for ordering with discount ;)

Best regards,
 Michael Philippenko
 Fast Reports - reporting must be Fast!

"Felicio Bastos" wrote:
>I need to print a list of several pages and pages of loss of control. 
> Thank you for responding. 
> Excuse my English
12/16/2008 5:22:18 PM

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