Sending email attachments through Outlook from Delphi programmatically

Is there some option that has to be set to allow this?

I'm using ICS and it works fine for the email, but the attachment doesn't 
arrive. If I send to Outlook Express client, the attachment arrives.

I'm sending through the same Exchange server to both clients.



1/29/2010 7:46:42 PM
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Am 29.01.2010 20:46, schrieb Jon Springs:
> Is there some option that has to be set to allow this?
> I'm using ICS and it works fine for the email, but the attachment doesn't 
> arrive. If I send to Outlook Express client, the attachment arrives.
> I'm sending through the same Exchange server to both clients.


did you already post this in the ICS mailing list? WOuld be worth a try!
The ICS mailing list is linked on the ICS website (


1/30/2010 1:15:48 PM
> I'm sending through the same Exchange server to both clients.

If you're using Exchange you, have two options:

1) Use it as a SMTP server and send it RFC 2822 with MIME encoded attachments
2) Use MAPI and Exchange own messaging protocol

Also, clients can read messages in two ways:

1) OE can only use IMAP/POP to read messages
2) Outlook can use Exchage messaging protocol (with which takes ful advantage of Exchange capabilities), or IMAP/POP.

When Exchange receives a RFC 2822 message, it is translated in its own internal format  - and retranslated to RFC 2822 if needed (maybe adding the winmail.dat file to transport Exchange specific informations).

Now, if you send via ICS I guess you're using SMTP. But you are not sending to "clients". You are sending to mailboxes on the server, from wich clients retrieve the mails. Try to read the same mailbox with both clients (it is possibile), ant with Outlook test both access methods (native and IMAP or POP) and see what happens.
1/30/2010 2:55:42 PM

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