Convert a Static Library ".a" header file to Delphi


I have bough the RedPark serial cable to connect my iPad to one of our product.  I have very little knowledge of XCode and I am trying to interface the static library with Delphi Mobile and the Fire Monkey.  I spent 2 days trying to understand how the conversion works but it seems I am missing something.

Is there someone who can help me with an example on how to proceed. I believe I have the header file converted to delphi unit.  The 2 files compile without error.  I have a class for the delegate and I have the manager (see below). 

I have instantiate TRscMgr class but it seems that I cannot access any of the function in IRPRscMgr.  How do I access them?

And second, how do I create the Delegate, it does not have a create function?

    IRscMgrDelegate = interface(IObjectiveC)

        // Redpark Serial Cable has been connected and/or application moved to foreground.
        // protocol is the string which matched from the protocol list passed to initWithProtocol:
        procedure cableConnected(protocol : PNSString ); cdecl;

        // Redpark Serial Cable was disconnected and/or application moved to background
        procedure cableDisconnected; cdecl;

        // serial port status has changed
        // user can call getModemStatus or getPortStatus to get current state
        procedure portStatusChanged; cdecl;

        // bytes are available to be read (user should call read:, getDataFromBytesAvailable, or getStringFromBytesAvailable)
        procedure readBytesAvailable(length : UInt32); cdecl;

        // @optional
        // called when a response is received to a getPortConfig call
        procedure didReceivePortConfig; cdecl;

        // GPS Cable only - called with result when loop test completes.
        procedure didGpsLoopTest(pass : Boolean); cdecl;

    TRscMgrDelegate = class(TOCLocal, IRscMgrDelegate)

     IRPRscMgr = interface (NSObject)
        procedure setDelegate(delegate : IRscMgrDelegate);

        // Initializes the RscMgr and reigsters for accessory connect/disconnect notifications.
        procedure init;


    //here you define static class Methods
    IRPRscMgrClass = interface(NSObjectClass)

    //the TOCGenericImport maps objC Classes to Delphi Interfaces when you call Create of TObjc_TestClass
    TRscMgr = class(TOCGenericImport<IRPRscMgrClass, IRPRscMgr>)
4/19/2014 11:42:35 PM
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