Please help test the IW 10 install

Special Note

This is not a normal test build. This is the first build of IntraWeb 10. 
IntraWeb 10 itself should be rather stable however there have been many 
changes for Unicode in Delphi 2009 that certainly could have affected other 
Delphi / C++ versions.

In addition changing version numbers affects the installer a lot. The 
previous 9 installer also has serious problems with most C++ versions.
Focus Areas

In this release our primary area of testing is the installation itself. 
While we have abilities to test it ourselves, we support 8 versions of 
Delphi, and 3 of C++. That is a lot of time consuming testing that removes 
resources from support and fixing bugs. We are asking users to assist us in 
testing the installation before we release it further.

Below is a table based on user feedback. If you can test the installation, 
please provide us with feedback to update this table. Feedback can be posted 
in our newsgroups.

(Table and download are on the URL above)

Chad Z. Hower a.k.a. Kudzu
"Programming is an art form that fights back"
8/28/2008 2:13:53 AM
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