how to create send email [Edit]

hi every one,
i dont english good,
i will create a send mail for project but i can not create.i'm low level .
please help me for create send email .
i create my project with your help.
it is hard? please help me ..
how start for create send email from student  to teacher or admin.
i dont how teach for doing send email .whether need to create table in database?
best regards.

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To do this you will need two components from the Indy tabs: TIdSMTP and TIdMessage.

Follow these steps:
1. Drop the TIdSMTP onto the form and name it MailServer
2. Set the MailAgent to something to identify your application.  This gets sent with the message.
3. Set the host to the address of your mail server.  Something like
4. Set the Username and Password to so the component can log into the mail server.

5. Drop the TIdMessage onto the form and name it MailMsg
6. Set the From fields.
7. Set the Organization field to the name of your company or organization.
8. Add Recipients.
9. Set the Sender fields
10.  Set the Sender fields.

Use this code to send the message:

if MailServer.Authenticate then
12/21/2013 7:27:01 PM
very thanks for your guide.
best regards
12/21/2013 9:11:00 PM

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