Installation problem

I have installed XE8.1 subscription update and generally very pleased with it.
Initially messed up with the settings migration tool, and had to reinstall from scratch.
At that point the licence manager complained about too many installation.
I contacted the support and they increased the limit.
I installed GExperts and other tools without a problem.
But I am unable to install AQTime, as it gives the following error

RAD Studio XE8 not found...

I thought the reason might be in the settings I migrated from XE8 and tried to restart the IDE with -rFoo switch.
When I do that, the license manager pops up and says "You are not licensed to run Delphi".
Of course I can register Delphi for -rFoo as well but I don't want to, as I will need to install Delphi under Win10 soon and possibly under Linux Wine (there was an interesting post about that recently, and I primarily use Linux) and I am very close to install count limit.

So, does anyone know why AQTime doesn't see licensed RAD Studio and why starting Delphi with -rFoo switch requires an additional licence???
8/8/2015 7:33:39 PM
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Z Vadim wrote:
> why starting Delphi with -rFoo switch requires an additional licence???

It's hard to explain why -rfoo requires you to register again. I'll note 
that it does not for most. I tell people to do this many times a week 
and this never comes up.

For your problem, I'd have a look at the cglm.ini file in the bin folder 
of your product install. The beginning should look like:

[Embarcadero License Management]

If cglm.ini looks different, or does not exist, then this might explain 
your problem. I dunno why it would be different or not exist and I dunno 
would happen if this were true.
8/10/2015 3:24:06 PM

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