Installation D2009 trial Error, Messes up BDS2007

Just Installed Trial D2009 (whilst avaiting SA license) follwing steps
in Readmes on a
Vista32bit4GBRam System. Already had a BDS2007Ent 
 on it. Towards the end I it stops and ask for 
"Setup.msi" after it which it wont continue saying that the resource
is unavailable. The file was here. Cancel was 
the only option. It then says that it was not installed 
properly. This then also applied to the dbPack_Setup. 
Starting DBS2007 shows several Errors CC3289MT.dll is missing . Opening or 
creating a new Projects shows the same error. Compiling
Works. What I also noticed it that the add/remove 
entry of BDS2007 in the control panel is missing.

I've rarely had  problems installing all prior versions
of Delphi/BDS

any help available.


running db_packsetup, boost works fine. running helpsetup creates same error. Normal setup also fails

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I removed all Delphi 2009 stuff. After that BDS2007 works except for all dbexpress stuff. DataExplorer brings errors. BlackfishSQL is also not anymore installed.
I also retried install all again (no firewall no defender ie. no security) only to have the same problem.

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Edited by: Sven Bayerl on Sep 15, 2008 6:45 AM

running db_packsetup and boost_Setup on its own works. Main Delphi & Help setup brings Error toward end requiring a Setup.msi (which is here) saying that "The Feature you are trying to use is in on a network Resource that is unavailable"
"Click OK to try again or enter an alternate  path to folder containing the Installation package Setup.msi in the Box below" The file is in the sugested folder.
9/15/2008 1:51:45 PM
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