XE5 can't install abbrev library -- missing designide, can't compile empty form -- no control.res

WTH!!!  When I first installed XE5 about 6 months ago I was able to 
create a blank form and compile it -- and it made a 10meg empty file. 
After calling tech support I was able to get it down to 2 megs. Yeah!

Now after two updates, I get an error "missing controls.res" file. 
Sorry, I'm still working primarily in D2007 which actually works. I 
wanted to try the new one and can't get anywhere.

I also tried to install some components. virtual trees installed ok. 
Jedi will not compile jclutils.pas unit, abbrev says it's missing 
designide unit. I still have a half dozen other components I'd like to 
install but need some resolution on this before I can continue.

What the hell guys? I guess Monday I'll call tech support for the 2nd 
time in three years of paying for the support package.
3/15/2014 8:34:44 PM
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