TMemo behavior [Edit]

I think I noticed at least one difference in behavior between VCL TMemo and FM TMemo. Consider:


memo.lines[2] := 'Hello VCL'

This simply write the string 'Hello VCL' to the third line in the memo (0 indexed) and nothing more


memo.lines[2] := 'Hello FM'

This writes the line as in the VCL but then removes the first character from the next line. If I had the following:

Some text
Another line

and called memo.lines[2] := 'Hello FM' I would get

Hello FM
nother Line

I can't imagine this is the expected behavior. The more I look into FM the more I am finding that it isn't ready for prime time. This is the third instance of strange behavior I have come across in about 4 hours of usage and I don't consider myself good at finding bugs. PS I've started a journal to list the issues I've come across at, Not sure if I should report them in quality central given I found then in the trial version

Update: there is no way to report XE2 bugs in Quality Central. The latest Delphi version they accept are bug reports for is Delphi XE Update 1. I would have thought the company could have had quality central set up for bug reporting by the time XE2 was released.

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Herbert Sauro <> wrote:

>I would have thought the company could have had quality central 
>set up for bug reporting by the time XE2 was released.

Me too. Since Monday is a US holiday, I expect that Tuesday is the
earliest we can expect to be able to report bugs. Perhaps that
explains a bit of the venting here.

 - Leo
9/3/2011 5:49:10 PM

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