tedit change background color

hi all,
i am trying to migrate a couple of  application from xe2 to xe3 and i have this problem :

   r := ((codice_ricetta as tedit ).FindStyleResource('background') as TRectangle);
   if Assigned(r) then
       r.Fill.Color := TAlphaColorRec.Lime;

this code is working on xe2 but i receive this error on xe3 :

First chance exception at $751E277C. Exception class EInvalidCast with message 'Invalid class typecast'. Process Superv.exe (5916)

the background color do not change anymore.

there is a new metod on xe3 to do that?

thanks in advance

2/22/2013 8:56:26 PM
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> i am trying to migrate a couple of  application from xe2 to xe3 and i have this problem :
>    r := ((codice_ricetta as tedit ).FindStyleResource('background') as TRectangle);

This assumes the 'backgound' style element is a TRectangle object. While this happened to be so for all the default styles in XE2, in XE3, it is a TSubImage for the 'platform' styles.

> there is a new metod on xe3 to do that?

No. Your best bet I think is to put the memo on a TRectangle of your choice, and make the memo background transparent -

((codice_ricetta as tedit ).FindStyleResource('background') as TControl).Opacity := 0;

This will then work regardless of whether the 'background' element is TRectangle or a TSubImage.
2/22/2013 10:23:31 PM
Hi Chris,

i solved in very simple way , starting from your Idea.

i need 3 color to show over the default one (red,yellow and green) , so the opacity method is not enough for my purpose.

i created 3   .png images with paint in 5 minutes.  (red,yellow and green matte images of course .... )  

i created the default  tedit styles configuration , and 3 more custom styles for tedit, each style in the source propertie load a timage associated to the 3 files.
the code now is very simple :)   :

     (codice_ricetta as tedit ).StyleLookup :=  'edit_lime_style';

     (codice_ricetta as tedit ).StyleLookup :=  'edit_red_style';

     (codice_ricetta as tedit ).StyleLookup :=  'edit_yellow_style';

the good of this is the freedom to load any kind of background image to the tedit object .

for next project i can reuse the style saved to external file.

Thank You 

2/23/2013 3:53:53 PM

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