SEWOO ADP-400 Printer Of Portable And Bluetooth Problem #2

Dear Authorised...

I am designing the program of Rad Studio XE8. We have a bluetooth-enable printer of portable that of brand is SEWOO and model is ADP-400.
I am using application of Android and Multi Device. We have to print text by this printer with this application.
However this printer couldnt able to print first word from header to middle side when i use the object of TBluetooth.
Sometimes it print from middle to end but in this time it gives error to me. On the other hand it print compeletly when i send dara from net to the same printer.
Could you help us about that problem?
We will be appreciated if you send me the example project or source about printer of portable.
Please dont send source or projects about tools which are enable via internet cause we tried all example.

Best Regard
8/15/2015 7:45:57 AM
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