Delphi XE6 Android deployment problem


Trying out the 30 day trial of Delphi XE6, deploying an app. written in XE5, where deploying is successful, but deploying the same app. without any changes with XE6, half of the files are missing from the installation on the Android device. If I rename the .apk to .zip and look inside, the missing files are in the .zip.

In 'deployment' page there are some .so files added which the app. is loading dynamically. Some of the files do get copied in the app.'s folder but some of them are not. I could not find any difference between the copied files' deployment options and the ones that are left out.

How to overcome this issue?

Also tried (with one file), in the deployment page, to delete the item and then add again, but it didn't help.

Thank you!
6/28/2014 12:51:40 AM
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Maybe this:

Put -cleaninstall in the Run|Parameters field.

I ran into a problem like this when deploying to IOS. And the fix ended up being that Iphone Configuration Utility was not entirely replacing the old data with the new. Re-installing the IPA with Itunes fixed the problem.

That doesn't really help you on Android but I've added and removed files a lot from the Deployment section to get them to show up. Maybe completely remove the existing APK off the Android device first?
6/28/2014 3:53:04 AM
I was not hoping that the clean install will help, because I completely uninstalled the previous version while trying things. And there was some hope that it will help, but unfortunately it didn't.

Also tried to copy the .apk to Android's SD card, and install from there manually which didn't work either.

But I tried one thing that worked out.
In XE5 the .so files were sepcified to put to remote path 'library\lib\armeabi', although the files were 'v7a' version. Don't ask why it worked in the 'library\lib\armeabi' folder, while working with XE5, if I specified 'library\lib\armeabi-v7a' the app. would not work.
So there is some difference how XE6 installs the files or something, specifying now 'library\lib\armeabi-v7a' as the remote path works fine now. Every file is in the right folder.
But why does XE6 put SOME of the files right, and why SOME not with 'library\lib\armeabi', I have no idea. Theoretically all files are v7a files.

So thank you, it's working now.
6/29/2014 3:20:44 PM

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