Cannot create rendering target for 'TCanvasD2D' [Edit]

+Delphi XE7 Professional, Parallels VM, Windows 7+

In above environment I am developing a console application that uses FireMonkey (mainly for the TBitmap and its TCanvas) for graphics processing. It also uses two Parallel.For loops - one is an outer loop that starts the other inner loop.

In this scenario, I always get the runtime error {code}Cannot create rendering target for 'TCanvasD2D'{code} at some stage or the other during execution. If I turn off the outer loop (i.e. remove the outer parallelism by making it serial and keeping the inner parallel loop as it is), the error goes away. I have made sure that there are no conflicts in the code that could create problems for the parallel code.

I wonder why this happens? I can't post the code here because it is bit complex but will see if I can create a code to reproduce this. Meanwhile, has anyone seen this behavior? Anyone has any suggestions? 

I know Parallel library has many issues but was wondering if FireMonkey has any limitations for the FMX.Graphics? Thanks!
6/1/2015 5:46:37 PM
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