sql server not returning column metadata in certain cases

Using a firedac TFDQuery with a join on SQL Server gives unpredictable results regarding the OrigTabName and OrigColName.
(using extendedmetadata)

It seems the order of the fields in the selectlist has influence???
Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

The first example does NOT give the original tablename and original field.
The second example DOES give them.
// first
inner join 
  B on B.ID = A.B_ID
  A.ID = :SomeParam

// second
inner join 
  B on B.ID = A.B_ID
  A.ID = :SomeParam
7/21/2015 7:50:58 PM
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FireDAC requires that first column in the SELECT list must belong to the first table in FROM clause.
Otherwise column origins info is considered as is invalid and is reset.

With best regards,
Dmitry Arefiev / FireDAC Architect
7/25/2015 6:52:29 AM

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