Slow fetch with Oracle if dataset includes WideString and WideHMemo columns

Running some FireDAC performance tests and if I query a table and include the Memo column along with any of the WideString columns in the table then for some reason FireDAC fetches one row at a time where if I only query for the Memo column or the Memo column and other numeric columns it fetches 50 rows at a time.

Here is trace output from a query that selects EMP_SK and MEMO from the EMP table:

1090718206431 15:44:04.573          . OCIAttrGet [VType=ub4, AType=9, Result=0]
1090718206437 15:44:04.573          . OCIStmtFetch [ARows=50]
1090718208330 15:44:04.573          . OCIAttrGet [VType=ub4, AType=9, Result=50]
1090718208353 15:44:04.573         >> Fetched [Row=0]
1090718208397 15:44:04.573              . Column [N=1, Name=EMP_SK, Type=otNumber, Size=22, Data=-992147442998]
1090718208403 15:44:04.573              . OCILobLocatorIsInit
1090718208427 15:44:04.573              . Column [N=2, Name=MEMO, Type=otNCLOB, Size=4, Data=NULL]
1090718209056 15:44:04.574         << Fetched [Row=0]
1090718209065 15:44:04.574         >> Fetched [Row=1]
1090718209112 15:44:04.574              . Column [N=1, Name=EMP_SK, Type=otNumber, Size=22, Data=-992147442996]
1090718209117 15:44:04.574              . OCILobLocatorIsInit
1090718209220 15:44:04.574              . Column [N=2, Name=MEMO, Type=otNCLOB, Size=4, Data=NULL]
1090718209238 15:44:04.574         << Fetched [Row=1]

Just the MEMO column:

1086564979990 15:20:23.594          . OCIAttrGet [VType=ub4, AType=9, Result=0]
1086564980092 15:20:23.594          . OCIStmtFetch [ARows=50]
1086564981917 15:20:23.594          . OCIAttrGet [VType=ub4, AType=9, Result=50]
1086564981940 15:20:23.594         >> Fetched [Row=0]
1086564981977 15:20:23.594              . OCILobLocatorIsInit
1086564982006 15:20:23.594              . Column [N=1, Name=MEMO, Type=otNCLOB, Size=4, Data=NULL]
1086564982832 15:20:23.595         << Fetched [Row=0]
1086564982845 15:20:23.595         >> Fetched [Row=1]
1086564982853 15:20:23.595              . OCILobLocatorIsInit
1086564982871 15:20:23.595              . Column [N=1, Name=MEMO, Type=otNCLOB, Size=4, Data=NULL]
1086564982877 15:20:23.595         << Fetched [Row=1]

Then the incredibly slow fetch when I select ID and MEMO:

1086110768135 15:17:48.191          . OCIAttrGet [VType=ub4, AType=9, Result=0]
1086110768148 15:17:48.191          . OCIStmtFetch [ARows=1]
1086110769768 15:17:48.191          . OCIAttrGet [VType=ub4, AType=9, Result=1]
1086110769780 15:17:48.191         >> Fetched [Row=0]
1086110769795 15:17:48.191              . Column [N=1, Name=ID, Type=otNChar, Size=20, Data='     22011']
1086110769847 15:17:48.191              . OCILobLocatorIsInit
1086110769891 15:17:48.191              . Column [N=2, Name=MEMO, Type=otNCLOB, Size=4, Data=NULL]
1086110769903 15:17:48.191         << Fetched [Row=0]
1086110769937 15:17:48.191          . OCILobLocatorIsInit
1086110769974 15:17:48.191          . OCIDescriptorFree [HKind=OCI_DTYPE_LOB, HVal=$08DDEB18]
1086110769997 15:17:48.191          . OCIDescriptorAlloc [HKind=OCI_DTYPE_LOB]
1086110770046 15:17:48.192          . OCIAttrGet [VType=ub4, AType=9, Result=1]
1086110770063 15:17:48.192          . OCIStmtFetch [ARows=1]
1086110771491 15:17:48.192          . OCIAttrGet [VType=ub4, AType=9, Result=2]
1086110771503 15:17:48.192         >> Fetched [Row=0]
1086110771543 15:17:48.192              . Column [N=1, Name=ID, Type=otNChar, Size=20, Data='     22017']
1086110771560 15:17:48.192              . OCILobLocatorIsInit
1086110771597 15:17:48.192              . Column [N=2, Name=MEMO, Type=otNCLOB, Size=4, Data=NULL]
1086110771626 15:17:48.192         << Fetched [Row=0]

We don't see this slow performance problem with MSSQL.What causes FireDAC to behave the way it does when we query for columns that include both WideString and WideHMemo column types against an Oracle 12c ( database? This is using TFDQuery with Mode = fmAll and with Items = [fiBlobs, fiDetails, fiMeta]. RowsetSize is 50.

John Hansen
7/24/2015 11:01:55 PM
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A case was opened for this issue: 00434984

The current status is that the FireDac Oracle driver uses RowSetSize=1 when there are several NVARCHAR fields or one NVARCHAR field and at least one LONG or BLOB/CLOB fields. This due to a workaround for a bug in the Oracle Call Interface with OCI v9 several years ago. R&D will test against OCI v 12 and see if bug has been fixed and if the FireDac driver can be updated.

David Skelton
7/29/2015 3:34:55 PM

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