Problem parsing SQL Statement with backslash and parameter


We are migration from Ado to Firedac (for MSSQL) and noticed that not all existing SQL starements work as before.

As an example such a statement won't work anymore (resulting in "Incorret syntax near ':'"): insert into table (field1, field2, field3) values ('test', '\\Server\Share\', :paField3Parameter).

Is there a fix or another way how to change the behaviour of the component without the need to change the SQL statements?

7/30/2015 6:26:50 AM
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FireDAC by default considers '\' as an escape character. Because you are migrating
from ADO and do not use FireDAC SQL preprocessor features, then set ResourceOptions
MacroCreate, MacroExpand, EscapeExpand to False. More about that:

With best regards,
Dmitry Arefiev / FireDAC Architect
7/31/2015 5:38:38 AM
> {quote:title=Dmitry Arefiev wrote:}{quote}
> FireDAC by default considers '\' as an escape character. Because you are migrating
> from ADO and do not use FireDAC SQL preprocessor features, then set ResourceOptions
> MacroCreate, MacroExpand, EscapeExpand to False. More about that:
> -- 
> With best regards,
> Dmitry Arefiev / FireDAC Architect

Hi Dmitry

Thank you for the hint. I have seen this optione before and try to ouse it - but it had no effect on the problem. See example code below - this still leads to the error.

procedure TTestForm.BtnQueryClick(Sender: TObject);
var lFDConnection: TFDConnection;
    lFDCommand: TFDCommand;
  lFDConnection := TFDConnection.Create(nil);
  lFDConnection.LoginPrompt := False;
  lFDConnection.ResourceOptions.ParamCreate := True;
  lFDConnection.ResourceOptions.ParamExpand := True;
  lFDConnection.ResourceOptions.MacroCreate := False;
  lFDConnection.ResourceOptions.MacroExpand := False;
  lFDConnection.ResourceOptions.EscapeExpand := False;

  lFDCommand := TFDCommand.Create(nil);
  lFDCommand.Connection := lFDConnection;
  lFDCommand.ResourceOptions.MacroCreate := False;
  lFDCommand.ResourceOptions.MacroExpand := False;
  lFDCommand.ResourceOptions.EscapeExpand := False;

  lFDConnection.ConnectionString := edtDatabase.Text;
  lFDConnection.Params.Text := edtParams.Text;

  lFDConnection.Connected := True;
  lFDCommand.CommandText.Text := 'insert into COSETS (OIDCOMPANY, SITEM, SNAME) values (''1'', ''SWDepot\'', :paName)';
    on E:Exception do Showmessage('Ooops: ' + E.Message);
8/4/2015 4:38:41 PM

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