Insert, Update, Delete very slow with FireDAC DataSnap server [Edit]

I create two DataSnap server named (1)FireDAC_svr, and (2)DBX_svr, and one DataSnap client named DBX_client.

And we have:
FireDAC_svr: TADConnection -> TADQuery -> TDataSetProvider 
DBX_svr: TSQLConnection  -> TSQLDataSet -> TDataSetProvider
DBX_client: TSQLConnection -> TDSProviderConnection -> TClientDataSet

FireDAC_svr and DBX_svr set to the same DataBase environment.
DBX_Client can connect to FireDAC_svr and DBX_svr, too.

First, DBX_Client connect to FireDAC_svr, and do select, insert, update and delete for 1000 records in each step. The time cost as follow:

FireDAC: Select :  0.534 seconds
FireDAC: Insert:  6.728 seconds
FireDAC: Update:  11.256 seconds
FireDAC: Delete:  7.017 seconds

And then DBX_Client connect to DBX_svr, and do select, insert, update and delete for 1000 records in each step. The time cost as follow:

DBX: Select:  7.643 seconds
DBX: Insert:  0.541 seconds
DBX: Update:  0.605 seconds
DBX: Delete:  0.644 seconds
The problem is FireDAC performance is so low than DBX in this test except “Select” .

I am not sure is there any problem in my FireDAC server.
Is there any solution to tuning FireDAC performance in DataSnap?

My development environment:
Win 7 Pro x64
SQL 2012 Standare  update 1  (in HP DL380 server)
Delphi XE4 Enterprise update 1
FireDAC 8.0.5

Thanks for your help.


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Hello John

This is a known issue. TDataSetProvider gives much better
performance with unidirectional datasets, as it will not reopen
a dataset. Even if to set TADQuery.FetchOptions.Unidirectional
to True, this will not help, because DSP still "thinks", that it is a
bidirectional dataset. At moment there is no way to "say" to
TDataSetProvider, that FetchOptions.Unidirectional=True
means "unidirectional" dataset. We will resolve this issue. 

You can try to change TDataSetProvider.ResolveToDataSet.

With best regards,
Dmitry Arefiev / FireDAC Architect
FireDAC - Firebird, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, 
DB2, SQL Anywhere, Access, Informix, ODBC high-speed data access lib
6/24/2013 2:27:22 PM

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