ANSI Informix database with national character loss

I have a problem with national characters in an XE5 application. The Database is an ANSI Informix database with locale settings cs_cz.cp1250. The application is working correctly on my computer and also works on some client computers. However on some computers when writing data to the database using TFDUpdateSQL the Serbian national characters are converted to English characters.  This can make the data invalid (for foreign keys).

The OS on those computers is either Win XP or Win 7 (no rule here). On every client computer Informix Client SDK 4.10 is installed and the language for non-Unicode programs is set to Serbian (Latin). My first test was to ensure that the code page for non-Unicode language is correctly set in Windows I’ve created the following test and asked my clients to run it:
var s: string;
    a: ansistring;

  s:='ČĆŽŠĐ čćžšđ';
  label1.caption:='Serbian letters:'+a+'.';

The result on the offending computers was correct. The national characters were preserved in the Unicode-Ansi-Unicode conversion.
Here is the connection setup. In order to support both ANSI and Unicode databases and to minimize conversion between Ansi and Unicode in the application all fields are Unicode. To achieve that for an Ansi connection the ODBCAdvanced is:

ODBCAdvanced:=Format('SRVR=%s;CLOC=cs_cz.cp1250;DLOC=cs_cz.cp1250', [Server])

The following mapping rules are applied to the connection:

  if not PUnicode then
    FormatOptions.MapRules.Add(dtAnsiString, dtWideString);
    FormatOptions.MapRules.Add(dtMemo, dtWideMemo);
    FormatOptions.MapRules.Add(dtByteString, dtWideString);

As I wrote earlier this is working for me and have no chance to debug in order to find out where the data is altered. What should I try in order to find out why is not working on clients computers?

Lajos Juhasz
8/12/2015 6:18:10 AM
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