MYSQL syntax

I have the following statement to extract data from the last 5 years of a table:

Inner Join `inv_list` ON `invoice`.`Inv_Num` = `inv_list`.`Inv_Num`
`inv_list`.`Description` LIKE '%parking charge%' AND
`invoice`.`Inv_Num` > '670'

I need to extract each months data and sum the line total. Is there a simple way to do this?


1/12/2009 9:03:55 PM
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> {quote:title=Steve Warburton wrote:}{quote}
> I have the following statement to extract data from the last 5 years of a table:
> `invoice`.`Inv_Num`,
> `invoice`.`Cust_Num`,
> `invoice`.`Inv_Date`,
> `invoice`.`Vat_Rate`,
> `inv_list`.`Line_ID`,
> `inv_list`.`Quantity`,
> `inv_list`.`Sell_price`,
> `inv_list`.`Line_Total`,
> `inv_list`.`Description`
> `invoice`
> Inner Join `inv_list` ON `invoice`.`Inv_Num` = `inv_list`.`Inv_Num`
> `inv_list`.`Description` LIKE '%parking charge%' AND
> `invoice`.`Inv_Num` > '670'
> I need to extract each months data and sum the line total. Is there a simple way to do this?
> Cheers
> SteveW

Using Delphi???

When I have to do that I always use a ClientDataSet.

1 InternalCalcField + 1 Aggregate Field will do the job. And as a bonus: You get RDBMS flavor independance.

Best regards
1/17/2009 12:17:44 AM

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