Serious issues with D2010, ADO and MS SQL 2005 database.


I am running into some strange issues when trying to create simple db-based CHAT application.

I have a client-side service app with a thread like this:

constructor TInterOpMobileClientPingThread.Create(const UserName: AnsiString);
  inherited Create(True);
  FreeOnTerminate := True;

  FUserName := UserName;

destructor TInterOpMobileClientPingThread.Destroy;
  inherited Destroy

procedure TInterOpMobileClientPingThread.Execute;
  vService: IInterOpChatService;
  while not Terminated do
    Log(' a thread...');

      FMessage := TROBinMessage.Create;

      FChannel := TROSuperTCPChannel.Create(nil);
      FChannel.Encryption.EncryptionMethod := tetRijndael;
      FChannel.Encryption.EncryptionRecvKey := 'CF656EEC2FEF3C03732AA732E7388EEE';
      FChannel.Encryption.EncryptionSendKey := 'CF656EEC2FEF3C03732AA732E7388EEE';
      FChannel.Encryption.UseCompression := True;
      FChannel.Host := gApplicationSettings.ChatServerHost;
      FChannel.Port := gApplicationSettings.ChatServerPort;

        vService := CoInterOpChatService.Create(FMessage, FChannel);
        Log('ping sent');
      on E: Exception do
        Log('Exception sending ping: ' + E.Message)


It uses RemObjects framework to invoke a method on server, which will update CHAT_USERS.LAST_PING field of the table.

This thread is being initiated/terminated in code like this:

procedure TdmSvcCHAT.Login;
  vIdx: Integer;
  vSL: TStringList;
  vMsg: AnsiString;
    FUserName := '[' + FUserFullName + ']';


    Log('logged in');

    FPingThread := TInterOpMobileClientPingThread.Create(FUserName);

    Log('ping thread started.');

    CHATEventReceiver.RegisterEventHandlers([EID_ChatEvent], [Self]);

    FLoggedIn := True;
    on E: Exception do
      if not (InStr(E.Message, 'Timeout') > 0) then
        Log('-ERR: TdmSvcCHAT.Login: ' + E.Message);

procedure TdmSvcCHAT.Logout;

    Log('User logged out on server');

    if Assigned(FPingThread) then
      Log('ping thread terminated.');
      Log('THREAD DOES NOT EXISTS!!!!!');


    FConnected := False;
    FLoggedIn := False;
    FWasLoggedIn := False;
    CHATChannel.Active := False;
    on E: Exception do
      Log('-ERR:  TdmSvcCHAT.Logoff: ' + E.Message)

When i login the first time, it works just fine, then i logout. Then i login again...After that at some point the thread terminates itself, without reaching Logout.

I see "THREAD DOES NOT EXISTS" in the log file.

I know this probably does not relate to ADO probably or MS SQL, sorry for the subject line...But we'll probably get there further down the road :).

4/2/2014 5:58:50 PM
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