Refresh of ADOTable after Cascaded Delete

  I have a MS Access database (older .mdb file) that has relationships defined which includes cascaded deletes. I am using ADOTable components (because I grew up on BDE and am now an old dog) where I delete a record in table A and it cascades down and deletes a record in table B automatically.

 My code knew that the Table B record needed to be deleted but it does not know this record in Table B was deleted through the cascade.

 I have a MYID primary key in table B and var myidnum has the number of the TableB Primary Key I wish to delete.

 I wrote:
       If TableB.Locate (['MYID',myidnum,[]) 
            Then TableB.Delete;

 The Locate returns True but I get an  EOleException on the Delete as the record can not be found.

I tried a TableB.Refresh before the Locate but that did not help.

What fixed the problem was:
    TableB.Active := False;
    TableB.Active := True
    If TableB.Locate('MYID',myidnum,[]) 
         Then TableB.Delete;

With the toggle of the Active property the Locate fails, the .Delete method is never called, and life is good..


  Is there anything more "Correct" than the toggle of .Active?

  Any general descriptions of what is going on and maybe causing problems? (Like maybe cursors?)

Bob K.
6/30/2015 12:34:06 AM
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