NeedHelp to make an activex component interract with current access2010 DB



I have compiled an activeX control to visualize QRCODE under access 2010 application. It work well on forms (with a VBA feedind property value procedure on event change by another intégrated object).
But it doesn't work on access report. and i don't know how can i interract with access application.currentdb as VBA do it.

From an activeX loaded into access:
- witch dbengine i need to use ? (ADO ?)
- witch usable properties can i use to eventualy retrieve local DB filename and path?
- Witch functions could be use to retrieve the current node, from the current MSaccess active recordset ? (finaly to get spécific field value).

I found lost of informations about VB6 programmation, but nothing a bout delphi activex using access current open db. All connexion with ADO need to know local MDB name.

I'll be happy to find here this informations i seek from nearly 3 months...
thanks in advance,
12/12/2014 10:39:35 AM
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