Multiple User application - help required.

I am hoping that someone can guide me through the solution to the following 

I have a disconnected ADO recordset that uses a join between two tables, 
this recordset is then used to populate a form. A TDBNavigator control 
allows the user to move through the recordset and delete or edit a record. I 
should say that there are TDBLookupComboBoxes that hold values. Not sure if 
this makes a different to the task.

I would like to allow for multiple users so I will have to cater for a user 
either deleting or editing a record that another user may have say edited.

So far I have used:
a) the BeforePost event to check all the values are correct.
b) the OnPostError event to try and manage the error, eg. the record has 
been edited.

I found some code written by Brian Bushay that allow the application to 
write over the users values with the ones that the other user has posted.
    ADODataSet1.RecordSet.ReSync(adAffectCurrent, adResyncAllValues);
    Action := daAbort;

This is OK but how do you manage a deleted record?

I would like to inform the user of the changes that the user has made and 
let them make the decision to accept heir changes or write over the new 
values with theirs. How can this be done?

Any comment gratefully accepted.

10/5/2008 10:29:39 AM
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