MS ADO Simple Dataset Driver?

I am looking for sourcecode or kits for creating a simple read-only dataset driver.

Purpose: Convert a soap data interface to a read-only ODBC / OLEDB / ADO driver for use in a reporting tool.

So far I have found:

OPTk from TechVanguard 
Which doesn't really work for newer Delphi's due to lack of complete source.

Interbase and Firebird driver 
Which is way to comprehensive as it supports full ODBC read/write

ADO server for Delphi using OLE DB Simple Provider 
Which sort of works with it's example, but barfs in the MS Office tools as it doesn't report any metadata like table structures - at least not in any way that the MS Office drivers understand.  Test Connection works, but it doesn't let you get to the table / field selection steps.

Anyone have source, kit (or relevant links) that allow you to toss together a simple read-only dataprovider that can be used in a ODBC, OLEDB, or ADO consuming reporting tool? 
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9/5/2008 4:49:53 PM
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