Edit/Post not working

I'm using a TAdoDataSet to access a MS SQL Table.  I can perform appends, 
but edit does not work.  I receive no errors,

Any ideas why I can append, but not edit?

9/4/2008 3:38:33 PM
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"does not work"?????????

Bill Todd (TeamB)
9/4/2008 3:45:54 PM
Ahhh - stupid mistake.  I was not setting the cursor to the current record 
to be edited.


"Tom Woods" <twoods@gobaker.com> wrote in message 
> I'm using a TAdoDataSet to access a MS SQL Table.  I can perform appends, 
> but edit does not work.  I receive no errors,
> Any ideas why I can append, but not edit?
> Thanks,
> Tom
9/4/2008 4:24:21 PM

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