D2009 and adortl120 error with custom package

I have a package with components that descend from ADO components. When I 
try to install the package under Delphi 2009, I now get a:

Cannot load package 'adortl120.' It contains unit 'ADODB,' which is also 
contained in package 'MyPackage'.

My package compiles and builds fine, but this error is preventing 
installation. Any ideas how to fix?

2/12/2009 1:50:06 AM
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Hi Bruce,

sorry to bother you. I am having the same problem with my package. Did you fix it? if yes, would you mind to tell me how you did it.

Thank you very much for your help.

9/22/2009 8:48:17 AM
> {quote:title=Donato Cappiello wrote:}{quote}
> Hi Bruce,
> sorry to bother you. I am having the same problem with my package. Did you fix it? if yes, would you mind to tell me how you did it.
> Thank you very much for your help.
> Donato.

I added a few items to the requires section of my two custom component packages and then they compiled and installed just fine.  I have two packages, one with design elements and one with runtime elements.  The design package requires section includes the following: rtl, vcl, designide, xmlrtl, vclactnband, vclx, dbrtl, adortl;  The runtime package requres section includes the following: vclx, vcl, rtl, dbrtl, VclSmp, mypackage_design, adortl;

You may need an entirely different set of files in your requires section(s) than me, so use caution when changing yours.  I would start by adding adortl and perhaps dbrtl and see if that works for you.

Good luck,
10/20/2009 9:52:24 PM
thank you very much James, it works!
10/21/2009 8:28:51 AM

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