Create DataSets dynamically (at run-time)

I've seen some code samples that look a lot like my D2007 Enterprise code, but mine dies on the last line:

var TempDataSet: TADODataSet;
TempDataSet.AutoCalcFields := False;
TempDataSet.ParamCheck := False;

Why can I set one property and not the other?  I also tested with setting the Connection property on that line, and it yields an access violation too.
12/29/2008 7:37:21 AM
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Michael Verhagen wrote:

> TempDataSet.Create(nil);

That should be:

TempDataSet := TADODataSet.Create(nil);

Bill Todd (TeamB)
12/29/2008 3:37:08 PM

Thanks so much for catching that.  Don't know how I overlooked that so many times.

> {quote:title=Bill Todd wrote:}{quote}
> Michael Verhagen wrote:
> > TempDataSet.Create(nil);
> That should be:
> TempDataSet := TADODataSet.Create(nil);
> -- 
> Bill Todd (TeamB)
12/29/2008 3:43:17 PM

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