How can I use a linux server as a proxy between a DataSnap server/client

I have a DataSnap Server that is behind a NAT firewall. I also have many DataSnap clients that need to connect to that server. I want to provide a connection proxy to help those two computers connect and transfer data. The server will be authorized for this service ahead of time and I thought the best way would be to have a dedicated port on my Linux servers IP for each server needing my connection service.
I have thought about L2TP type of VPN connection from the server to my linux server. It would be nice if I could create scripts/batch files on both ends to automate the install and make their server appear as a port on my Linux servers IP.
I have also thought there should be a way with the datasnap components to specify a proxy but I don't know what would need to be on the Linux side of things.
I am new to DataSnap so there may be an easy way to do this; I just haven't been able to find it.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?


9/10/2012 4:36:19 PM
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You might be able to get help from a more linux network oriented forum. This question isn't that specific to datasnap. Not saying it isn't relevant, but I think most people might not have that deep of a working knowledge of linux.
10/3/2012 8:08:58 AM

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