Editing TValueListEditor cells while other cells are being updated.

I am using RAD Studio 2007. I have an application where I have a custom component derived from a TValueListEditor.

In this application, values in the value column are being programmatically updated all the time, at roughly 10 updates per second. At the same time, the user is able to edit values that aren't being modified this way. 

The problem is, when you are editing a cell and another cell's value is changed, it resets the text selection and highlights the entire contents of the value cell. This makes it impossible to type in the value cell. Here is a project that shows what I mean:


The first row is always being updated by a TTimer... try typing in the value column of the second row.


1) Ideally, I'd like the user to type while the values continue to be updated. Is there some way to pull this off? Perhaps a way to get the current cursor position and selection bounds in the text of the cell being edited, so they can be saved before another value is updated then restored after? Or any other tricks?

2) It is less ideal, but also acceptable, if I temporarily freeze the updating values as the user is typing... resuming the updates once the user has entered a value in the cell and accepted that value. Is there an event that is triggered when the user begins editing, and another that triggers the user is done?

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