WEB Services : The transaction install has completed.The installation failed, and the rollback has been performed.

hi all ,

            I am getting following Error;"The transaction install has completed.The installation failed, and the rollback has been performed." while inter acting with  web services Installutil <exe path>







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11/22/2008 10:40:46 AM
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Please provide some information.

  1. What do you mean, "interacting with web services installutil"?
  2. installutil usually provides better error messages than that. The part of the message you included is not the important part. It probably is also telling you what went wrong such that it had to roll back the transacted install.


John Saunders | MVP – Connected System Developer
11/22/2008 7:07:40 PM

Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Installation utility Version 2.0.50727.42
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Running a transacted installation.

Beginning the Install phase of the installation.
See the contents of the log file for the<URL>\WinServicesLSSServer.exe assembly's progre
The file is located at <URL>\WinServicesLSSServer.InstallLog.
Installing assembly '<URL>\WinServicesLSSServer.exe'.
Affected parameters are:
   logtoconsole =
   assemblypath = <URL>\WinServicesLSSServer.exe
   logfile = <URL>\WinServicesLSSServer.InstallLog
Installing service PsLiveScanSystem...
Creating EventLog source PsLiveScanSystem in log Application...

An exception occurred during the Install phase.
System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The specified service already exists

The Rollback phase of the installation is beginning.
See the contents of the log file for the <URL>\WinServicesLSSServer.exe assembly's progre
The file is located at <URL>\WinServicesLSSServer.InstallLog.
Rolling back assembly '<URL>\\WinServicesLSSServer.exe'.
Affected parameters are:
   logtoconsole =
   assemblypath = <URL>\WinServicesLSSServer.exe
   logfile = <URL>\WinServicesLSSServer.InstallLog
Restoring event log to previous state for source PsLiveScanSystem.

The Rollback phase completed successfully.

Thanks & Regards,
11/24/2008 4:48:10 AM

I'm getting the impression that this is a language issue. You might want to get someone to translate the message for you.

Your program is not a web service; it's a Windows Service. installutil is trying to install the service. The problem is that the service already exists.

The error message is clearly telling you this. It says so in plain English, "the specified service already exists".

John Saunders | MVP – Connected System Developer
11/24/2008 8:36:55 AM

This is clearly a bug with windows server and the installation.  I have noticed that if you have the Services window open it sometimes causes it even though you have uninstalled the windows application.  I have now ran into it on a Virtual 2008 server where even with the services gui closed it will not allow you to install and there isn't any issues with dependencies.   It would be great if Microsoft would address this issue!

1/28/2009 1:55:59 AM

I can't imagine why you think this is clear. This problem can occur if the service actually already exists. Since you do not know that the service does not already exist, Occams Razor suggests you go find out before deciding that the real problem is something more complicated that Microsoft can fix and that you cannot fix.

John Saunders | MVP – Connected System Developer
1/28/2009 4:50:15 PM

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