Send by Windows App - Receive by Web App - how ?

Ok. I've read something about Web Services (ex.

I want to make:

- Windows Application which after click the button would send string to the web page - example: "Server is online" or simply Boolean "True".

- Web Application will receive this string and if is "True" than on the page is displaying information that this is true till the windows application will close down.

How can I get simply that what I want ?

I have a problem, cause I don't know how to receive information form Win App and make to display results on other sites. 

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OK, let me make sure I understand you right...

  1. You have a Windows application that you want to display status information from (e.g. Whether or not a user is currently using the app).
  2. When a button in the Windows application is pushed, you want to post that status information to a web page.
  3. When the Windows application closes, you want to clear the status information from the status web page.

There are a few ways of doing this, and you don't need web services to do it. The idea is that the Windows application and the Web application with the status page need to share a resource. The Windows application writes to it, and the Web application reads from it.

Implementation 1:

Have the Windows application push out a Text file containing the status message you want to display, then having the web application read that file and display it. For this to work, both the Windows application and the Web application would need access to the file, probably located on a network share. You'll have to make sure that both the users of the Windows application and that the Web application account (e.g. NETWORK_SERVICE if you're running IIS 6.0) can read/write to that file.

Implementation 2:

Store the status message in the Web Application Application Cache. Create a seperate page or generic handler that simply receives the status message in a querystring variable and saves it to the Application Cache. In the Windows application, modify the button-click event handler to send an HttpRequest to this page with the status message in the querystring. Also, when the application is closing, hook into that event handler and send another HttpRequest with the status message set to an empty string.

If neither of these implementations sound right, please explain what you're attempting to do in a bit more detail.

Steve Commisso
1/18/2007 10:25:12 PM

If you really want to use web services, you can also create a web service that keeps track of the status information -- I would recommend storing it in a database or a flat file so that it lives past IIS recycles. Then, expose two methods to interact with this information -- one to read and one to write. Again, this web service needs to be visible to both the Windows application and the Web application.

IMHO, this approach is a bit overkill for what you want to do. I would prefer implementation 1. For some added security for the status file, you can create a service account that the Windows Application and the Web Application impersonate when accessing the file, and then only allowing access to that file/directory by that account.

Steve Commisso
1/18/2007 10:32:45 PM

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