REST Web Service : How to call a web service method by REST way ?

Hi buddy,

Can anyone tell me that how do i call a method through a web service by a REST way.
I have one local application (with C#.NET, ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005) and I want to call a Web Service method which is created on a remote machine.
I have to call that method from my web application by using a REST (Representational State Transfer) way. I have a WSDL file.
Please provide me technical details to make this happen.
I want exact code to achieve this.
Please please its urgent....

Thanks in advance.


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Which Version of .net framework u r using ?

[It is more easier with .net 3.5] 

Kamran Shahid
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5/15/2008 7:05:23 AM

I am using ASP.NET 2.0 with C#


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 Hi please refer the below link, 

Shah Dharnendra G
Sr.Analyst Programmer,
5/15/2008 8:45:49 AM

 Visit this link:

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