Performance counter monitoring

I am using performance counters to monitor the CPU utilisation of server. The code in the Webmethod of my .asmx file as given below:

System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter PerformanceCounter1 =
new System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter();
float result;

PerformanceCounter1.CategoryName = "Processor";
PerformanceCounter1.CounterName = "% processor Time";
PerformanceCounter1.InstanceName = "_Total";
PerformanceCounter1.MachineName = ".";
System.Diagnostics.CounterSample sample1;
System.Diagnostics.CounterSample sample2;

// Retrieve a sample.
sample1 = PerformanceCounter1.NextSample();
// Wait some interval of time here and retrieve
// a second sample.
sample2 = PerformanceCounter1.NextSample();
// Pass both samples to the Calculate method.
result = System.Diagnostics.CounterSample.Calculate(sample1, sample2);

return result.ToString();
First time, the above method returns the CPU utilisation. However, next time the CPU utilisation shoots to maximum 100%. As a result of which my CPU gets hanged. In order to keep the process running I have to physically stop the ASPNET worker process (aspnet_wp.exe) using the Windows Task Manager utility.
Can anybody tell the solution, such that I am able to retrieve the CPU utilisation using performance counters without hanging the CPU.
P.S: the above code works fine in console application but not in WebService application
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