HELP! Strange error when calling web service from web page.

Hey there.

I have a .NET 1.1 web service that does a simple query of our AD implementation. I'm trying to consume it in an simple .NET 2.0 webpage, but am having a terrible time wiring up this particular web service.

I have a GridView (GV) that is bound to an ObjectDataSource (ODS). At runtime, the ODS reads in the QueryString to get the passed query criteria (i.e. "MyPage.aspx?SearchText=(sn=A*)").

When I run the web page I get the following error:

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

I cannot seem to pinpoint why this is happening. The webservice runs perfectly fine if I call up the ASMX file and run the method. I see the results as expected.

I tried an alternative way - where I create a dataset at runtime and just populate it with the results from the web service and databind the GridView to the dataset. The problem with this approach is I would have to write the paging/sorting code out by hand (which I do not want to deal with). When I run the web page with this setup, it works fine but the paging/sorting doesn't work (because the dataset is not saved in ViewState as it would be with the ODS in my desired structure above).

Can someone please help me out with how to fix the error - or some other solution?


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I discovered the web service method wasn't handling a couple of "Nothing" values that could occur (the method is leveraged across a few apps). The original exception was "Unknown Error (800X...something blah blah)."

But the error wasn't getting handed off to the consuming web app (for some reason)... can't tell why. Somehow it got changed to the error I quoted in the first post.

Anyway, I tweaked the web service method to account for the possible Nothing values and all seems well with the universe again. Whew.

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