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 Hi, I am reading some docs about Web Services and I have some questions,

 1) If I have a Web service wrote in Java, Can I use it from a asp or a Windows form??

2) If It's not possible, and the webservice only have to recive 2 parameters (for instance add(int a, int b)) can I write myself the SOAP message and pass it to the Java WebService?? 

I'm not sure about all of this, because to make a client for a webservice you only have to know what parameters are needed.


Thanx for your help!

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Web Services are meant to be interoperable. You should have no problem accessing your Java web service from a .NET application, assuming it's written properly, and follows the WS-I Basic interoperability standards.

Simply add a Service Reference or Web Reference to your project (Web References can be found on the Advanced page of the Service Reference dialog in VS2008). This will create a set of proxy classes you can use to access the service. For instance, if the service you mention is named "CalculatorService", and if you named the web reference "CalculatorServiceProxy", then you could write the following:


using (var svc = new CalculatorServiceProxy.CalculatorService())
    var result = svc.Add(1, 2);
John Saunders | MVP – Connected System Developer
12/22/2008 3:50:57 PM

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