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I am writing a web application that is supposed to be a part of a bigger project. The application is compiled as a dll-file with all it's resources (images, javascripts, css...) included a embedded resources. It is important that the application is just a dll and has no other file dependencies. The application is a pure ajax application, and is using lots of web service calls, and is also supposed to have an external web service based API.

Now to the question: How do I access webservices that are included in a dll-file as embedded resources? Is this even possible, or are there other possible solutions and work arounds?

I have been struggeling with this for several days now. You are my only hope! 

Big thanks in advance!

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For  Normal Web service...

//Check The below Given link,,

In Place of  MSXML2.XMLHTTP.3.0
U have To use
Check How it post th


If Your Going To use
/******WCF As Your web service******/

Dim address As New System.ServiceModel.EndpointAddress("http://Whatever")
Dim binding As New System.ServiceModel.BasicHttpBinding()

' The binding object is already set up with the default values normally found in the
' <bindings> section of the App.Config, but can be overriden here, eg...
binding.ReceiveTimeout = new System.TimeSpan(0,20,0)

Dim ws As New MyWebServiceSoapClient(binding, address)


For App.config asnd .dll file

Hope it helps


Avinash Tiwari

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//this For WCF

Check above Link...

It shows How to comsume webservices without use of proxy...



Hope it helps


Avinash Tiwari

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