XML Transform to 1 XML file to another XML File

Hello All

 I am a novice programmer. I want to transform 1 xml file to another xml file.

I am looking for a example code where user will select source xml file and create another xml file in different file with different fields with some default validation of parsing date and default values.

 Can anyone help me or let me know any available source code in C#/ASP.Net?

 Ms Disha

12/3/2008 7:04:47 PM
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I am assuming you know xslt, if not, you would have to go look at that.  But if you do, then this document will help you out


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12/4/2008 12:43:38 AM


    You can you XSLT for transforming from one XML to another XML.

For more info on XSLT you can refer following url (lots of examples):


You can use following C# code for applying XSL to XML to get another xml:

                // New way from .Net 2.0 onwards
                // Load the style sheet.
                XslCompiledTransform xslt = new XslCompiledTransform();

                // Execute the transform and output the results to a file.
                xslt.Transform("books.xml", "result.xml");

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12/4/2008 7:50:21 AM

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