XML to Excel files too large - better way?

Using the below code sample I am able to allow my ASP.Net users to download reports to Excel. 

Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.ms-excel"

One problem I have discovered is that the native XML format results in a large file when compared to a true XLS document. For example, we have one report that results in an 8 mb file when saved to disk. But if you open the file and do a "save-as" and change the file type from XML to XLS the file is compressed to 1 mb. For remote users the delay in downloading an 8 mb file is long.
This problem only gets worse when we started looking at Reporting Services. The reports are generated very quickly but the export to Excel option also saves the file as an XML document. This results in the same problem of a file that is much larger than it needs to be and creates a situation where export reports is a long tedious process.
Does anyone know of a way around this large XML file size problem?
My first reaction is to have the users save as CSV or TXT format. Many managers do not like this solution since it requires constant reformatting. My second idea was to save in a "true" XLS format from the server (either web server or Report Services server) but I think that would mean installing Excel on the server. I could be wrong but I think that is the only way to save a file as XLS.
I'm stumped for a better solution. Saving reports in XML format is great for being able to send it anywhere and for being able to easily load it in .Net code. But the size of the XML files makes it hard to send reports with just 2000 lines to remote users, even those on good connections. I'm not sure there is a better way though.
2/4/2005 4:36:41 PM
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You could try:

1. Code solution: clean-up the XML design - sounds like you have 7 Mb of tag overhead, perhaps your node and attribute names are too long.
2. Component Solution: install Excel on the server. MS does not support this option, and it is in fact very painful. However, there are many 3rd party components out there that will create the XL file for you.
3. Administrative solution: enable response compression in IIS
2/4/2005 10:58:56 PM
Thanks for the ideas.

The code solution may not be possible, especially for Report Services. I could look at the solutions that I have created but I find it hard to see where I've created 7 to 8 times the overhead in the XML file. It's possible.
I agree that the component solution is less that optimal. I don't want to even go down that road if possible.
I have not heard of response compression in IIS. I will research that.
It just seems to me that there are two very popular trends involved. First is the trend to use XML when possible for obvious reasons. Second is the trend that most managers or web site users are obsessed with downloading reports into Excel. This quickly leads to what appears to be a perfect match since XML can translate right into Excel.
I'm surprised no one else has run into this problem. The one report I created myself was only about 2000 rows in Excel. I'm quite sure that others are generated much more than that in their web applications. Assuming that everyone has web users who like to download into Excel I'm wondering how they get around the size issues (or if they just live with it).
2/7/2005 7:03:42 PM
see Using HTTP Compression

You should also look into Excel Web Queries if you don't already know about this feature. Basically, it lets end users download from a webpage directly into Excel without any programming on your end. Excel 2003 even puts a new entry in the context menu of IE, so you can right-click anywhere in a webpage and select "Export to Excel". In our origanisation, custom Excel exports are a thing of the past.
2/7/2005 10:06:32 PM

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