Using XML file as a Datasource

I cannot for the life of me find a good resource or starting point for using an XML file as a datasource.  Everything I have found in the last few days only give a a little bit of an answer, and so far I have been unsuccessful at piecing them all together into a solution.

The XML file I am using is intended to be a reference to query and assign page properties depending on a querystring result. As a new Dot Net developer, I have been trying to find a way to do this, but I may be holding myself back with my VBScript habits.
Can someone please point me the right direction to do this? Here is a sample of my code:

'create a new DataSet object
Dim dsMenu As New DataSet
Dim blnPageLoaded As Boolean = False
'use the path to the current virtual application
Dim strVirtualPath As String = "includes/base.xml"
'read the schema and data into the DataSet from an XML document on disk
'must use the Physical path to the file not the Virtual path
Dim drMenu As XmlReader
drMenu = drmenu.???
While drMenu.Read
If drMenu("id") = Request.QueryString("m") Then
lblHomeMessage.Text = drMenu("msg")
blnPageLoaded = True
End If
End While
Catch objError As Exception
Exit Sub ' and stop execution
End Try
'Assign page defaults
If lblHomeMessage.Text = "" Then lblHomeMessage.Text = "Welcome to ABCNet!" 'default message
lblHomeMessage.Visible = True 'make default message visible
If blnPageLoaded = False Then plcMainContent.Controls.Add(Page.LoadControl("home/default.ascx")) 'load the default page

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I thought for a moment I recognized some of that code...

If you are loading into a DataSet, and you know the value of the primary key of the row that you want, why not apply a filter to the table in the DataSet and then read the values from that row?

'get a reference to the "Books" DataTable object
Dim objTable As DataTable = objDataSet.Tables("table-name")
'create an array to hold the results then call the Select method
Dim objResults() As DataRow
objResults = objTable.Select("column-name = value, "")
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I'm trying to convert Classic ASP pages using XML datastores into ASP.NET pages using the same datastores.

In Classic ASP I simply load the XML file into memory as a DOM and navigate through it, putting whatever data I need into Arrays for each node that I'm seeking. This works smoothly and fast in Classic ASP - and takes much less code than what I saw in the file (plus its component) which you quoted and which I examined on your excellent web site. I can then place the variables from the arrays wherever I want them on the page - giving me complete flexibility in layout.
Is there a similar way to do this in ASP.NET using XML files as datastores WITHOUT resorting to a component? I cannot afford Visual Studio.NET just yet so I'm using Web Matrix. I have to keep things simple and try to avoid using components at this stage of my learning curve.
I appreciate the power of .NET using XML, but I'm having a very frustrating time getting to grips with the complexity of it. No trouble with lots of other parts of ASP.NET, though. I cannot find a tutorial that shows me how to accomplish what I'm trying to do.
I posted an earlier request on this XML forum for guidance to a suitable tutorial, but have no response yet.
Contrary to many people, I find XML so easy in Classic ASP and so complex in .NET. I can do almost anything with it in Classic, but so far nothing in .NET - but I'm desperate to learn.
For the jobs I'm undertaking, I don't want to use datasets because I want to be able to access the data as individual variables in arrays.
I don't think I'm out of my depth - rather just trying to find my way through the ASP.NET XML jungle!
I would appreciate any directions anyone can point me in - rather than just back to Classic ASP.

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