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I'm looking for some quick advice on how to achieve a task I've been trying to do.

The situation:

I run a script on my various SQL Servers (2000 and 2005). The script's output is an XML file. (I chose XML because the majority of the servers are on their own domains with different firewall rules and what not, so linking al servers was not an option).

I also created an XSD file (booooooooring), which I still need to link to all the tables I created in a central SQL (for now 2000) Server. So I have an x-amount of XML files in a folder, and I will need to import those one by one. So far, so good.

I chose not to go for DTS, just because I want to up my XML / .NET (2.0) skills somewhat. I fiddled around with various options for a while, just to familiarise myself a little bit. Another reason is that I'll eventuallymove to SQL 2005, and I'd prefer not spending weeks on DTS now, only to have to do all of that again in the future.

The XML file contains both elements AND attributes, by the way. I could most likely make things easier for myself by getting rid of the attributes, but I'm always up for a challenge (and it will give me just a little more useful experience).

My basic idea now:

I import the XML into a DataSet as such: 

myXmlDataDocument = new XmlDataDocument();
myXmlDataDocument.DataSet.ReadXml(new StreamReader(myXmlDocument), XmlReadMode.InferSchema);
myDataSet = myXmlDataDocument.DataSet.Copy();

 Now this might not get me my attributes just now, but i'll worry about that later on (advice welcome!). My next move would be creating a second DataSet, link it to the database, and then add the XML DataSet to the database DataSet and send it back.

However, that sounds extremely cumbersome, and I am sure I might just be bogged with a little lack of understanding.

Can anyone shed some light in this matter? Basically I have the following questions:

1) What's the proper way to grab both the attributes and the elements from an XML file that basically forms a Hierarchical dataset?

2) Is the approach I describe feasible considering this is hierarchical data? (I.e. I have Element A1, with child elements B1 and B2, which are identical regarding datatypes etc).

3) Are there easier ways? Or am I taking an approach that is too narrowminded, and will I be forced to generate dynamic SQL INSERT statements?

Any nudges are welcome. Please just some directions, and not some fully typed out source code? (I learn faster by researching myself. Just blindly copy/pasting code works at times, but when it comes to XML, XSD and what not, there's an awful lot of ways to get things done. And frankly I tried a bunch of them, and am a bit overwhelmed. (Being unable to see the trees because of the forest, as we see in Holland). Just some pointers or particular classes to check out would be very appreciated.

Thank thee :)


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Are you really going to let me go my own way here? Do you realise the danger in that? What if I end up coding Pandora's box?



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