How to store XML into SQL with store procedure?

Hi all,

I got this xml and I want to store it into SQL server (with SQLXML), I have a table with all the fields so I want to map the data in XML to all the fields in DB.
- Is store procedure the best way to do it? Are there any better way to do it?
- Do you have any similiar examples?
- Any good articles on the net that related to this topic?
Thanks a lot and happy new year!
I am a newbie
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Try using SQLXML 3.0 Bulk Load.
1/5/2005 2:53:57 PM
Do a google on UPDATEGRAM, since you already said you are using SQLXML.  If you can't find the right answer, let me know.
Cristian Sturek
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1/6/2005 10:49:09 PM

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