how to read specific node in xml doc, example ""

I've never worked with xml but I need to get specific node from xml document.  In example above a need to get node 2 of node 0 of node 4 of node 1 and its attributes. Can somebody just point me where to look at least? Thanks in advance
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Hi exptrade,

Im not sure about your example but ive given you an example here of how to get a specific node and its attributes.
XmlDocumen doc = new XmlDocument("person.xml");
-person is the root node
<name fname="fez" lname="zef"></name>
<address>123 Abc Street</address>
so to get the fname and lname i would need to write
string p1 = doc.SelectSingleNode("/person/name").Attributes["fname"].InnerText
the same applies for lname
to get the element from address you would write
string a1 = doc.SelectSingleNode("/person/address").InnerText
here is a link on msdn docs for more info on XPath
All the best

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thanks for replay. Here is what I had in mind and how I read it.

<treenode text="something" navigateurl="something"

And here is the code:
Dim myXmlDocument As XmlDocument = New XmlDocument
'nodeIdx is a string, example ""
Dim nodeArr As String() = nodeIdx.Split(CType(".", Char))
Dim node As XmlNode = myXmlDocument.DocumentElement
Dim nodes As XmlNodeList = node.ChildNodes
Dim idx As Integer
For idx = 1 To nodeArr.Length - 1
node = nodes(CInt(nodeArr(idx)))
nodes = node.ChildNodes
Dim fileName As String = CType(node.Attributes(0).Value, String)
Dim filePath As String = CType(node.Attributes(1).Value, String)

Now is this optimal way of doing this. Seems to me to be straight forward enough.
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6/9/2004 1:41:48 PM
1) I hope you realize your XML is not well formed

2) this x-path expression gets you the attributes you want:
3) You can issue xpath expressions against an XmlDocument like this:
XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
// this gets you the desired node
XmlNode node = doc.SelectSingleNode("/treenodes/treenode[2]/treenode[5]/treenode[3]");
// these are the desired attribute values.
string text = node.Attributes["text"].Value;
string navigateUrl = node.Attributes["navigateurl"].Value;
This code is not tested, just written from scratch, maybe it will need some changes, the idea is there though. If you're not familiar with xpath, I'd recommend
6/10/2004 9:06:46 AM
pa_li, thanks for your suggestion but something is not right. my node is always nothing. I don't know if xml is or is not well formed, it is the format that treeview requests. Here is a piece of xml doc itself. xml doc is created using xmlwriter

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<treenode text="SD1051.pdf" navigateurl="C:\Documents and Settings\epitka\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\DotNetNuke_2.0.4\wfi_docs\CertDrw\SD1051.pdf" />
<treenode text="SD1051S.pdf" navigateurl="C:\Documents and Settings\epitka\My Documents\Visual Studio Projects\DotNetNuke_2.0.4\wfi_docs\CertDrw\SD1051S.pdf" />

You died at the very end of your life
6/10/2004 1:55:23 PM
this last xml is well formed

of course the node is nothing... You said you wanted to access the treenodes using their ordinal position, like node 1 of node 2 of node 4.
If you want to get all descendants of your treenodes element (the root), use this:
If you want to select only those with a navigateurl attribute (that would be the childless nodes), use this
Now you can iterate this collection to get both the text and navigateurl attributes
If this doesn't help you, specify exactly what you want to achieve....
6/10/2004 2:37:18 PM

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