Guided Tour - Creating A Database - Cannot connect to Database Server


I followed the Guided Tour at the section "Creating A Database," but I cannot do this. The problem is when I clicked on the Data tab in the Workspace window, the window displayed an empty data workspace as seen at the tour. However, I did not see the "New Connection" button at the top bar as directed. How can I add this button in for using?
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I had some trouble here too.

Try this version of the tour:
the iconography is different -- maybe what you are looking for if you just downloaded Web Matrix.
Also, make sure you have MSDE or SQL server 2k installed. I tested on a XP Home OS with just installing MSDE.
5/9/2004 4:26:27 AM

Thank you for your help. Yes, I got it from the url that you provived. I followed the direction to do. After I selected "Data", 'Add Database Connection", and SQL server/MSDE Database", I downloaded and installed the MSDE when I received the message "Unable to create project". Then, I restarted my computer and back to do the steps again; the message "Unable to create project" still appears. I opened a folder called "MSDE" and installed three downloaded softwares "sql2kasp3", "sql2kdesksp3", and 'sql2ksp3" into the folder. I do not know what I did wrong from the step installing the MSDE.
I need some help to resolve it.
5/13/2004 2:23:33 PM
Can you verify the MSDE database service is running on your machine?
5/14/2004 9:36:13 PM

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