Question on hosting sites?

 how are sites hosted if the server is windows, do they use IIS to host the sites or something else.

if IIS is used to host the sites then how to create domains in IIS

if not IIS then how to create domains for sites. do they use any tool or third party softwares.

what about linux servers? how are sites hosted there

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how are sites hosted if the server is windows, do they use IIS to host the sites or something else.

if IIS is used to host the sites then how to create domains in IIS

if not IIS then how to create domains for sites. do they use any tool or third party softwares.

If it is a Windows Server they will use IIS (some Windows hosting companies also run PHP under IIS as well too)

They don't create domains in IIS they create Sites and map the domain to the Site using either (single IP address) or (IP address & host header), they also create DNS entries that point your domain name to the IP address (Site) they created once this is done you update your domain name to point to the hosting companies DNS servers (you do this via the company that you registered your domain name).

A lot of hosting companies will use tools like Parallels Plesk to manage servers

Linux servers are a little different in setup (they use Apache rather than IIS) and there is a Parallels Plesk for linux too.  Setting up Apache for Sites is different than IIS, I don't have that much experience with it.

- William

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Give some of my PWSK modules a try.
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You should buy a domain name from Domain Name Register, and after that to point that domain to your hosting server through DNS settings.


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 how are sites hosted if the server is windows, do they use IIS to host the sites or something else.

if IIS is used to host the sites then how to create domains in IIS

if not IIS then how to create domains for sites. do they use any tool or third party softwares.

what about linux servers? how are sites hosted there


Normally, Windows hosting are hosted with IIS.

Depends on the hosting provider, now you can create domain easily on the hosting control panel system. For example, many Windows hosting company used Plesk at the control panel system for their clients. You can also register domain name with domain registrar such as Namecheap or Godaddy, most hosting companies right now do provide domain name registration services where they can handle all the domain name setup for you.

For Linux servers, the procedure is almost the same with Windows hosting, you can manage your hosting account with popular control panel such as CPanel. The main difference is we cannot host asp website on Linux servers.


Roy Trevor

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well if that is the case then i have another doubt?

let us suppose if i have a server at home and i want to host a site on it with my own domain. how can i do that. is it possible of me to do as i said. do i need any other things to maintain a server at home. if i maintain a server at home then is it possible to create my own domain.

4/27/2009 5:20:05 PM

Most of your hosting companies and server companies offer a Control panel which will integrate or work along side of IIS to add domains delete domains and admin the website. I would not recommended hosting your websites at your house. First most ISPs close port 80 and port 25  (web and email). And you will need a static ip or and ip outside your network that will point to your home address and update if your ip is not static. You would be better with just a simple hosting account. If you want to work on a server and learn then I would recommend a managed VPS. You would have full admin rights and be able to host your sites. Plus if you break something you could ask for assistance and or have the issues resolved by the host who is supporting you. If you do go that route I would look at Server Intellect for a VPS or Dedicated Server. Btw IIS7 is now out so a lot of your windows host are moving to that platform. Very stable and allows a lot of configurations.

4/30/2009 4:02:42 PM

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