hosting a two web site on single domain with different name


I want to host two different web site which uses one database on same server space with different name .i mean

1st url should be like this and


Is this possible or not any alternate way......because both the web site uses approx. 6000 image (same). if I host on different web space the i will have to upload all the image on both web site i am also developing CMS .........



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If sharing images is your only reason for doing this then why don't you just create an ftp site to house all your images.

Both sites could then access the common ftp folder.

If everything happens for a reason what is the reason for this error?
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Is this possible

Yes.  For IIS help, see, same login as here.  Though it's not really IIS, or ASP.NET that does this.  You'd want to consult the CMS publisher, plus learn to use DNS.


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