Why I can't bind a Datasource to an ImageButton's ImageURL Property?

Why I can't bind a CodeBehind method's return value to an ImageButton's ImageURL Property while a CSS Link can be work fine with the same method in the same Web Form?

I have DataBind() method in my Page_Load subroutine
the method in code behind is:
Protected Function AppRootURL() As String
Return ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("AppRoot")
End Function
the Html code is:
<LINK media=Screen
href="<%# AppRootURL() %>/Skins/SkinA/SkinAStyle.css" type=text/css
<asp:imagebutton id=ibnShowStartCalendar runat="server" ImageUrl="<%# AppRootURL() %>/images/Arrow/button.gif"></asp:imagebutton>
10/7/2003 3:04:45 AM
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If your ImageButton is a server side control, you can set the "ImageUrl" property in codebehide page.
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10/7/2003 4:52:00 AM
Yes I work. But the Property is 'ImageURL' not 'URL',I put it into the Page_Load subroutine and it worked thank you jimmym.
10/7/2003 6:28:07 AM

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