Which page has called a page


Is a page able to know which page has called it ?
If Page_A and Page_B can call Page_C, I would want to know during Page_Load of Page_C if it is Page_A or Page_B which is the calling page ?
12/11/2003 6:27:00 AM
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You could try using Request.UrlReferrer. This will give you the complete url, type:

To strip away everything unecessary like Querystrings etc. you could use something like this:

Dim strReferrer As String = Request.UrlReferrer.ToString
Dim intStart As Int32 = strReferrer.LastIndexOf("/") + 1
Dim intLength As Int32 = (strReferrer.LastIndexOf("?") - 1) - strReferrer.LastIndexOf("/")
strReferrer = strReferrer.Substring(intStart, intLength)

This will give you 'Employees.aspx' only.

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12/11/2003 8:39:45 AM
Try using the "sender" in the Page_Load.  It doesn't seem to hold a value, but I have noticed in debug mode that it is a type representing the refering page (i.e. 'ASP_PageName_aspx').

12/11/2003 9:12:05 AM
Using sender will give you the name of the page which runs the Page_Load handler, not the referring Page.

Andre Colbiornsen
Seventh Day
Råbygatan 1A,
SE-223 61 Lund
Mob.: +46-(0)708-97 78 79
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12/11/2003 9:13:45 AM
Response.Redirect("c.aspx?iam=a"); ?

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http://www.contextboundmodel.net/ for AOP.NET
12/11/2003 1:06:34 PM

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