What did I do??? Help - web form buttons won't work

I had a perfectly good web application running.  I have a login page with a registration button and two text boxes Username, password along with a second button "submit".  All worked except that hitting the enter key from the password text box sent the user to the registration page.

I have been trying different options for getting the submit button click to occur when the user hits the enter key and the focus is on the password text box.
I thought I undid all of my changes, but now my live application works as it did before but on my development copy on my local computer the buttons don't do anything. I can click on either button or hit the enter key and nothing happens. I have looked through all the page and code behind code and can not find anything wrong. I am going insane. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I might have done? I copied my aspx page from my live site back to my development site, so I am pretty confident it has to be in my aspx.vb page. My live site has my assemblies but not my vb pages.
I will gladly post my code.
9/27/2004 10:58:43 PM
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Many of us are having this problem today...you will see numerous posts in the forums.  These two links helped me:

Good luck!
9/28/2004 12:17:52 AM
Thank you.  That solved my problem on my development computer.  Now I just need to figure out which direction to take on my production server - sp1 or not?
9/29/2004 3:32:47 PM