Web User Control Vs. Server Control Library

 So here's my scenario and I don't know if i should be using a web user control or attempt to make my own server control library. The basic mark-up that i want on the page is a image and label all excompassed in a hyper link. But in the declarative mark up of whatever tag i end up making being able to set properties of that tag. For example drop an instance of my tag on the page and i decide that i want this tag to have image1 and the hyper link to go to page1, and so on for everytime i drop a tag on the page. So sample mark up would be something like.

1    <MyTag:Icon id="tag1" runat="server" Image="Image1" HyperLink="Page1.aspx" Label="Go To Page 1" EnablePostBack="True" />
2    <MyTag:Icon id="tag2" runat="server" Image="Image2" HyperLink="Page2.aspx" Label="Go To Page 2" EnablePostBack="True" />
3    <MyTag:Icon id="tag3" runat="server" Image="Image3" HyperLink="Page3.aspx" Label="Go To Page 3" EnablePostBack="True" />


The above control would display as 3 images with labels below the image, and on the click, i would be able to redirect to another page or if i wanted to capture the "onclick" event on the page to have it do something else i could. So really all that i am doing in this control is setting properties of the 2-3 normal asp controls, into one declarative tag. I'll need to do have these all over my website, so i was just wondering if anyone could give me some guidance?


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7/23/2008 8:26:07 PM
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 That would definitely be a great candidate for a Custom Control - that way it can reside in a different assembly, and you can use it on future projects as well, and you can put it in the toolbox and drag-n-drop it wherever you want.  For the custom control, you'd just want to add an ImageButton and a hyperlink as child controls, give the custom control properties for the NavigateUrl and ImageUrl and apply the NavigateUrl to both of the child controls and the ImageUrl to the ImageButton.  For a better understanding of how Custom Controls work and how to write one, take a look at this (it's not too hard):


Hope this helps!

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7/24/2008 12:24:47 PM

I would use usercontrol, and not custom server control. The reason why is this:
* Its more simple and easy to code
* Easier to maintain and understand

I usually go for usercontrol when i want to have a control that consists of multiple controls and doesn't need special handling. If you want to extend a control, like label, then go for custom control. If you need to make a control that needs special handling or events, go for custom control. If you can use the existing events and abilities of a control, use usercontrol.

7/24/2008 12:45:52 PM

 I would object, but it's obviously everyone's choice.  A UserControl may be slightly easier to code (although not much once you get used to coding a few Custom Controls).  However, it is definitely not more maintainable.  If you end up using your control in multiple projects, using a UserControl means if you want to make an improvement, you need to make the changes to each project.  If it's a CustomControl in a separate dll, all you need to do is make the changes one place, and refresh the dll in each project's Bin folder.

Also, to clarify, you can add events to a UserControl just as easily as you can to a Custom Control so that's not a reason to choose between the two.

Here's an excerpt from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/893667 that should help clear things up:

FactorsUser controlCustom control
DeploymentDesigned for single-application scenarios

Deployed in the source form (.ascx) along with the source code of the application

If the same control needs to be used in more than one application, it introduces redundancy and maintenance problems
Designed so that it can be used by more than one application

Deployed either in the application's Bin directory or in the global assembly cache

Distributed easily and without problems associated with redundancy and maintenance
CreationCreation is similar to the way Web Forms pages are created; well-suited for rapid application development (RAD)Writing involves lots of code because there is no designer support
ContentA much better choice when you need static content within a fixed layout, for example, when you make headers and footersMore suited for when an application requires dynamic content to be displayed; can be reused across an application, for example, for a data bound table control with dynamic rows
DesignWriting doesn't require much application designing because they are authored at design time and mostly contain static dataWriting from scratch requires a good understanding of the control's life cycle and the order in which events execute, which is normally taken care of in user controls

However I would disagree with the "writing involves lots of code" for this example because it's so simple.  

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7/24/2008 1:36:33 PM

I was talking in general, about easier coding, since i dont know the total extend of this control, and nothing is as easy at it sounds :p

Anyhow, i agree that custom control can be compiled and easier to maintain due to dll's. But you can also compile a usercontrol into a dll :)

In my experience i often write usercontrols that are "tailored" to the specific project, so reusing the code is not something i often do. I wished i had the time to design all my controls as generic as possible, but thats a luxery :p

about custom controls being easy or hard is totally up to each and everyone to decide, and i would say that almost every programmer would agree that usercontrols are much easier to create than custom controls :) As statet above, "suited for RAD".


7/24/2008 1:52:58 PM

 Thanks everyone for your advice. I think I'll probably try doing both and which ever is easier I'll probably implement.

~The KID

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7/28/2008 2:15:22 PM

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