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Hey Guys,

I have 2 listboxes on a page used for adding and removing from an available list to a selected list. I have the value property of my available list set to id's from a database. When i select multiple items at the same time from listbox 1 and move them to listbox 2, i am always getting the same value for all of the items in listbox 2. Whats worse is that instead of getting the datavaluefield, i get the index of listbox 1 as the value field.
For example:
I choose items 2,3,5 from listbox 1 and when they are moved to listbox 2, my item.value is always 2 instead of having seperate values for each of the three items(It shouldnt even be 2, it should be the id from the database, but that is a side issue).
If anyone knows how to solve this issue, I would really appreciate it.
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Are you using the ListItem.Value property or something else to determine the value of your items? Can you post some code?
8/25/2003 3:03:34 PM
Nevermind, i figured out a workaround.

Since i was still getting the correct text values, I just sent them to my stored procedure, wrote a mini select statement that would grab the corresponding values and then insert that where i needed it.
Thanks anyway
8/25/2003 3:14:33 PM
You may want to look at my free DualList control.
8/25/2003 8:37:34 PM

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